President’s Report

In my last report for the newsletter, I was in a somewhat celebratory mood, welcoming the easing of the COVID-19 restrictions – those celebrations proved to be not only somewhat premature but rather short-lived! This has been the source of great disappointment to all of us – what I had hoped would provide us with some certainty for the future has now been replaced by more uncertainty. I myself feel frustrated at my powerlessness to change anything. However, at the same time I am reassured that, bad as it may seem to us, we in the Yarra Valley are in a much better situation than many people around the country and within Victoria.

Despite all this, I still remain confident about the future. Whilst Victoria has received and continues to receive flak over our current situation, and may be deserving of some criticism, I do believe that the state government is making the “right moves”. I had hoped that the federal government would have taken the opportunity, when it reviewed the Jobkeeper program, to acknowledge the severe damage inflicted on the tourism industry by providing some assurances of support to compensate the industry for the rollback of this scheme. However, I look forward to the time when the restrictions on interstate travel have been lifted – not only to allow us to travel from Melbourne, but also to provide confidence for our interstate customers that it is safe to visit Victoria again.

I continue to encourage you to interact with other TNYV members, particularly those within your business sector, but also with other members to get the best information out there on this ever-changing situation that we all face. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the committee members, if you feel that we can be of any assistance.

I hope to see you all again soon.

Ed McGettigan

TNYV 2019-20 Membership

Reminder that our 2020-2021 membership renewal payments have been delayed until October 31. In the mean time we will continue to be working on bringing you together virtually with ‘Morning Tea’s’ and ‘Pub Nights’ until the restrictions on gatherings are lifted.

Email us if you have any queries regarding your membership. If you know of someone in the Industry that needs support right now and would like to join TNYV, we are currently offering a $40 pro-rata membership fee that will cover them until October 31. Send them this email and they can register online at any time!


Networking & Events

Virtual Christmas in July

July’s Virtual Gathering was on Zoom – Check out what happened Here

News from around the Yarra Valley

New Indoor Plant Houses at Alowyn Gardens

The team at Alowyn Gardens has been busy rebuilding the three indoor plant houses over the past few months. The ‘Fernery House’, the ‘Indoor Plant House’ and the ‘Succulent/Cacti House’ have all had a detailed makeover.

The Fernery is home to ferns, shade loving plants, clivia’s and hanging baskets. The Succulent/Cacti House is full of hundreds of different cacti and succulents , beautiful pots are also a feature and displays of combinations of cacti and succulents are on display for shopper inspiration.

The star child of the refurbishment is the new Indoor Plant House featuring lush displays of popular indoor plants, guaranteed to beautify your home. Gum and birch tree trunks have been used to give the illusion of a forest walk with interesting plant displays built around the trunks and display benches. A large array of pots are also available and all plant needs are catered for in the fertiliser and potting medium section. An interesting collection of bonsai plants are on show, just waiting for a good home.

Come and browse and take something home to enhance your living environment.

Prue Van de Linde
Alowyn Gardens

Wednesday Winos

Wednesday Winos are back! And we are taking on Lockdown 2.0 with a less is more approach with a show on the first Wednesday of the month.

We have also grown and now welcome Hop It as part of our tasting panel. The next show is on the 5th of August where we are showcasing Mandala Wines with a Yarra Valley Pinot Noir and the Watts River Iso IPA. We will be broadcasting live to facebook and we are happy to have everyone join in as we learn about Mandala and also what goes into their family vineyard.

Packs can be purchased through Watts River Brewery with local delivery or pick up. See you all online Wednesday the 5th of August at 8pm.

Facebook live link: Wednesday Winos

ISO 2.0 Project

During our second wave of restrictions, the Team at Yarra Valley A2B have been busy gathering recycled materials to build their new “Chook House”. They will be welcoming their feathered friends soon.

We’d love to hear your ideas for naming this wonderful project!
“Egg Chalet” or “Cluckingham Palace” are a start….the TNYV team will send out a prize for the best name!

What have you been up to during lockdown? Send us photos of your rennos or projects and we’ll share them on our facebook pages.

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Editor’s Note

Stay tuned for further information on upcoming events. As our lockdown restrictions are reviewed, we will endeavour to connect with you virtually until we are able to gather together once again.

Don’t forget to tell everyone on social media what you have been up to and when your business is back open and ready to welcome guests or customers!

Use #roadtripyarravalley #findyourself #holidayherethisyear #sharingiscaring #visityarravalley_official and #visitvictoria when posting on Instagram.

Till our next newsletter, stay home, wear your mask, stay safe and don’t be a Karen!! (sorry to all the nice Karen’s out there!)

Caroline Brown

TNYV Editor