President’s Report

The State Government is currently conducting a review of regional tourism. A discussion paper was released on 18th July and a consultation program is underway until 30th August.

The discussion paper and details of the review can be found at On this site you can respond to an online survey or submit a more detailed submission.

The survey asks the following questions:

  • What can be done to strengthen Victoria’s regional tourism offering?
  • What would improve Victoria’s regional tourism marketing efforts?
  • How can regional tourism businesses and investors be better supported?
  • How can Regional Tourism Boards best work to achieve outcomes for Victoria’s regional tourism?
  • How can we better co-ordinate regional tourism planning and strategy across government, industry and the community?
  • How can we work together to make sure that regional communities benefit from tourism?

TNYV will be making a submission and we encourage all members to read the discussion paper and let us know if you have any ideas to contribute to our submission. We also encourage you to make your own response as opportunities to affect change in our industry do not arise that often.

The discussion paper has a more detailed list of questions and we also encourage you to consider these in developing your response.

  • Do you agree with the definition of regional Victoria for tourism purposes?
  • In your region, is it more important to you to increase yield, visitor numbers, or both? How else should we measure success?
  • How can regions and communities leverage their natural assets? Where are the opportunities to partner with and support Traditional Owners and contemporary Aboriginal communities to develop tourism products? For existing partnerships and partnerships that have already occurred, what could have been improved?
  • Where should the state prioritise facilitating boutique and high-end accommodation and any other types of accommodation? What role can share accommodation (such as Airbnb) play in regional communities?
  • What are the key journey experiences for Victoria or your area that will drive visitors to come and stay?
  • What can we do together to support greater event visitation?
  • How can we facilitate cross-sector partnerships?
  • How can regions and businesses better cater to diverse visitor needs? What are the key accessibility challenges?
  • How can we improve visitor servicing?
  • How can we better leverage marketing spend to promote regional visitation?
  • How can Visit Victoria, other areas of government, boards and local councils work more closely on agreed priorities?
  • How can we ensure marketing activity is better aligned and that effort is not duplicated?
  • What are the barriers to investing in regional Victoria? How could the system be improved?
  • How can we use education and training, including TAFE, to address barriers impacting staffing of regional businesses?
  • What support does industry require to address the challenges and opportunities that technology and disruptors present?
  • Which governance structures are the most effective for boards to achieve outcomes for regional tourism?
  • How can we best help different sized councils (such as regional cities and small rural councils) to leverage tourism as part of their broader development goals?
  • Are there changes we can make to boards (geographic or otherwise) that would increase local government and industry buy-in?
  • How do we best coordinate the work of different actors across regional tourism? What are the most important points of collaboration?
  • Are we allocating resources efficiently? Could we better coordinate investment in regional tourism?
  • How could a state-wide strategy or Destination Management Plan best connect to and leverage local strengths and priorities?

Please take the time to consider this information and let me know if you have anything to add to our TNYV submission

Keith Darke

New Members

  • Peter Cochrane – Blue Lotus Water Garden
  • Amanda Mooney – Soumah of the Yarra Valley
  • Karen Anwin – Chappies
  • Margaret Rachele – Fig Leaf Cottage
  • Deanne Eccles – Strathvea Guesthouse
  • Justin Feng – Greenstone Yarra Valley

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Supporting the community

Blue Light Gala Night – “Back to the Disco”

Requesting donations of auction items – is your business able to help support this worthy cause?
Suggestions include hampers & wine, holiday getaways, unique experiences, gift vouchers, day adventures, etc.

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Young people are growing up in a complex world. Family violence, drugs, unemployment, and mental health are just a few of the things that many young people deal with day to day. Sometimes, these issues can lead a young person down the wrong path, making poor choices or taking risks that see them entering the justice system or worse. Blue Light programs help to break down barriers and build trusting relationships between young people and police, as well as empowering young people to be the best that they can be.

Funds raised from this event will play a crucial role in running sustainable programs for more young people across Victoria.

Contact Karen on 0421 992 532 for more information or to donate.

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