President’s Report

I’m at a loss for words to summarise the events of the last 6 weeks. It is unfortunate that we have had no choice but to become accustomed to the hardships and losses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. But none of us was fully prepared for the consequences of the storm which affected large parts of Victoria on Wednesday 9th June. Whilst most of us will have experienced the extended power outages following the storm, one should not forget those in our local region who have incurred significant property damage and/or damage to local infrastructure which has resulted in continuing power outages, as in large areas of the Dandenong Ranges. From my point of view, due to the interruptions to mobile telephone and internet services for 6 days, I was unaware of the different announcements with respect to the assistance available from the State Government. For more information check the following:

• Personal Hardship Assistance Program
The Personal Hardship Assistance Program (PHAP) assists people experiencing financial hardship because of a single house fire or a natural disaster related emergency such as bushfire, flood, severe storm, or earthquake.

• Prolonged Power Outage Payment
To help people impacted by energy outages, a Prolonged Power Outage Payment of $1,680 per week for up to three weeks will be extended to all eligible households without power as at Thursday 17 June.

And the following from the Federal Government to address the impacts of the recent Victorian lockdown:

• COVID-19 Disaster Payment
Applicable for losses incurred after day 8 of Victorian lockdown.

On a brighter note, I can reflect on the success of our “Work Together, Recover Together, Thrive Together” workshops on the evenings of 11th and 26th May. Thank you to all those who attended. For those who didn’t attend, you missed out on some lively and thought-provoking discussions on how we can best move forward our businesses in the post-pandemic period. My thanks go to Helen Wood of TMS Consulting for facilitating both workshops, preparing the presentation materials and developing a Draft Action Plan as a deliverable from the workshops. I would also like to thank our other contributors to the workshop presentation – Laura Hultgren of Business Empowered and Pam Doerf of KAIZ Consulting. The committee will be considering the means of implementing the Action Plan and will report back to the wider membership over the next few months on how we are progressing with this. Due to the recent lockdown, we were forced to postpone our networking event for June until July, but I hope to see many of you at the next event. Stay safe, healthy and strong!

Ed McGettigan


TNYV 2021-22 Membership

As an Not for Profit association, we are always aiming to give our members great value for money. Joining or renewing with us gives your business access to the following:

A regular newsletter on current TNYV and Tourism issues & events
Connection with over 100 other businesses in Tourism in the Yarra Valley
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Monthly “Pub Night” and other social / business functions
Annual Conference
A voice on the Yarra Ranges Tourism Board

Pay only $85 for annual business membership to cover your business from now until June 2022. Community Group memberships are also available for $15. Consider coming along to one of the networking events to fully appreciate what is on offer to support you in growing your business. We’ve had some great events in the past and there’s plenty more to come now we can get back to socialising!

To register as a new member or renew your current TNYV membership that is due by the 1st July 2021, click on the Join Now button below.
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We look forward to a more positive year ahead supporting you and your businesses through networking.

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Mental Health Check-Up

Hello all,

I can imagine I am not alone in thinking that we would not still be heading into such uncertainty as lockdown was once again upon us in 2021.

This is a little reminder that you need to be kind to yourself and look out for signs that you are not coping as well as you may like. It’s OK to feel this way.

Still Covid-19 continues to affect our lives in many ways. Whether it be isolating from family and friends, loss of business and work or managing and adapting our businesses, family lives and finances.

With so many changes and perhaps uncertainty about what the future looks like it is a natural human response to experience feelings of anxiousness, distress, lack of motivation or even loneliness from limited connection with others. We are living through one of the most tumultuous periods in modern times with most of us dealing with unprecedented changes to how we live and work.

If your feelings are interfering with your daily routine or if you feel overwhelmed it is important to know that there is ways to ask for help. If you know someone who is struggling, encourage them to also seek some assistance too.

There is no shame in seeking support from a trained professional to help manage these feelings and to put some strategies in place to help you cope. It is important to talk to someone about how you are feeling and there are a number of resources to do this.

* Talk to your GP
Mental Health Plans are funded through Medicare and can be accessed via your doctor for no cost

* Contact one of the Mental Health counselling services by phone
Lifeline 13 11 14
Suicide Call Back 1300 659 467
Kids Helpline 1800 551 800
Oz Help 1300 694 357
Mens Line Australia 1300 789 978

* Contact an organisation online
Beyond Blue
Blackdog Institute

Talk to someone……a friend, partner, work colleague, network member, hotline, online organisation. Understand that you are not alone and seeking help is not a sign of failure or weakness but a positive way to move forward, one step at a time.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon with some positive networking. Together we can support each other to regrow our businesses into the coming year.

Miles of Smiles

Cath Allan

Last Pub Night

Last pub night was held at Alowyn Gardens – check out what happened HERE

Next Pub Night

Tuesday July 20,
6.15pm for a 6.30pm Start
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Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note
Thank you to everyone that continues to support us. We’ve had a pretty tough month and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon at one of our upcoming events.

If you have a venue that would be suitable to host one of our TNYV Pub Nights or breakfasts this financial year, let us know! We’d love to visit and promote your business amongst the TNYV Community.

Caroline Brown

TNYV Editor