President’s Report

In some recent discussions with members, the issue of visitor services in Healesville and in the broader Yarra Valley has been raised. With the visitor centre in the old court house being closed for some time now members were asking what information services were now available for visitors to Healesville and the Yarra Valley.

Yarra Ranges Tourism has embarked on an ambitious and innovative program providing touch screen information units, Digital Visitor Information Kiosks (DVIK) at key locations throughout the Yarra Valley with funding now secured to roll out a total of 34 units across the whole region.

Current location of these screens are:
Giant Steps, Healesville / The Memo, Healesville / Domaine Chandon, Coldstream / Healesville Sanctuary, Badger Creek / Yarra Valley Chocolaterie, Yarra Glen / Yarra Glen Main Street

In addition, there are carousels carrying YRT’s extensive range of touring maps in key locations with high visitor numbers throughout the Valley.

The DVIK units allow the visitor to browse currently available food, wine etc, accommodation and attractions from the Visit Yarra Valley Website, make a selection and send the details to their phone. This information includes directions and contact details allowing bookings to be made where necessary.

The DVIK units have been well received by users despite some technical teething problems and as the network expands will give YRT a great deal of valuable information about visitor demands and movement patterns. These units will greatly increase our ability to keep visitors in the Valley longer, maybe stay overnight and most importantly, spend more money.

Our program of networking events this year has been a spectacular success with each event showcasing a great Yarra Valley business, providing some interesting speakers and most importantly facilitating a lot of business discussion and a lot of business. If you haven’t been to one yet come along, make some new friends, make a new business connection, make a business deal and hear many great business ideas from colleagues in a broad range of businesses working in the visitor economy of the Yarra Valley.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Keith Darke

Networking & Events

Recent Networking Events

TNYV Annual Conference

The TNYV Annual Conference is fast approaching!

Date: Wednesday August 28
Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm
Venue: Yarra Valley Estate, Dixons Creek

An exciting array of speakers are being organised to inform and entertain us all.

Yarra Valley Estate has won a number of Sustainability and Tourism Awards over the past few years and Katrina Reynolds, Operations Manager, will share with us how they did it and how important it has been for them. After lunch we will be given a tour of their amazing Edible Forest and be shown the infrastructure built around it.

Rex Brown, another of our speakers, has been working in the tourism industry for many years, specialising in the accommodation sector. He has many pearls of wisdom to share with the conference participants including:

  •  Repeat business is the key to great results
  • The 3 people factors underlying excellence
  • Driving customers to you & getting repeats through your loyalty system

Rex will share with us not only “the what” but “the how”.

We have other stimulating speakers in the wings and they will be confirmed over the coming weeks.

Stay turned for more information as we finalise all the finer details…..

Prue, Ed, Paul, George & Kerry
Conference Committee

Next Pub Night

We are looking forward to checking out one of our newest members digs this month.

May Pub Night will be held at:
Watts River Brewing
Friday May 24.

Join us between 6.00-7.00pm for an ale or 2 to be enjoyed with platters provided by TNYV. Wine will also be available for those that prefer a nice Yarra Valley Vino. Come and network with the committee and other members in the heart of the working brewery.

One of the WRB team will talk us through the rise of their business to local stardom status. Stay on for dinner to enjoy pizzas at $15 each and the local talent that will be playing tunes throughout the night.

Remember to bring your Tourism related questions and your networking ideas. We also encourage you to invite non-members that may be interested in joining our Network so they can see how beneficial a membership will be for their business.

We’ve had a great number of new members join recently and we look forward to welcoming more members into the the TNYV family. Committee members will be there so please take the chance to let us know what support you are looking for with your business and any ideas you’d like to share.


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Editor’s Note

There are 8 TNYV Newsletters annually. Look out for additional email, text messages and Facebook communications throughout the month. Newsletter and Facebook contributions about tourism news and events in the Yarra Valley are most welcome.

If you have an venue that would be suitable to host one of our TNYV Pub Nights, let us know! We’d love to visit and promote your business amongst the TNYV Community.

Remember to invite non-members to our networking events so they can see what we are all about. Tell your tourism friends how much they will benefit having a connection to the local Tourism Network. The bigger our community, the more diverse we become and the greater tourism will be in the Yarra Valley for all of us.

Caroline Brown
TNYV Editor