Memberships are open to anyone running a business in, or serving, the tourism industry in the Yarra Valley.  Whether you’re a sole trader or an SME, the benefits of joining our networking group are wide reaching.   From advocacy via regional and state tourism bodies to representation to local and state government on tourism related issues, our voice as a tourism association carries weight.   As a member you can attend our networking events for free – and for instant answers and feedback, chat to fellow members via the dedicated private facebook group for members.

Ultimately it’s about collaboration.

When people enquire about joining TNYV, they often ask ‘What’s in it for me?’  The answer is many layered – Life as a business owner has its challenges, can be fairly solitary at times and in the ever changing landscape of small business, it is beneficial (some might even say crucial) to have the opportunity to bounce ideas off, learn from, share concerns with, and network with other complementary businesses.  Hearing about another’s point of view or approach to solving a problem can lead to eye-opening ideas for our own situation – the most successful networks involve people with very different skill sets, perspectives, and strengths.


Interested in finding out more?

Come along and see what we’re all about – there’ll be no hard sell on the night, no compunction to join, we’d just love to meet you and see if we’re a good fit.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does membership cost?2019-08-06T12:32:18+10:00

Memberships are renewed at the end of June.

  • $85 for Businesses
  • $15 for Community Groups
How many networking events do you hold a year?2019-09-23T17:52:32+10:00

Generally there are 11 networking events per year.
A mix of Pub Nights and Networking Breakfasts are organised around the Yarra Valley plus our Annual Tourism Conference.

How much does it cost to attend networking meetings?2019-09-20T14:02:08+10:00

Our “Pub Nights” are set up so there is free networking between 6.00-7.00pm where TNYV and the hosting venue provide platters, you just purchase your favourite beverage to enjoy. Many events we invite you to stay on for dinner to continue the conversations at your cost. Any events where we have set breakfasts or dinners we aim to keep the cost to $25 per person.

There is a cost for the annual conference to be determined by the committee each year. As an indication, the 2019 conference was $95 for members and $125 for non members.

In what way is TNYV different from YRT and YVB?2019-09-23T17:56:17+10:00

Yarra Ranges Tourism (YRT) are our Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) who look after the promotion and growth of the whole region and work with their partners to ensure a viable tourism industry into the future. Yarra Valley Business (YVB) facilitates networking connections with other local businesses while Tourism Network Yarra Valley (TNYV) are your Local Tourism Organisation (LTO). We facilitate networking connections between other local tourism businesses, we work with YRT and have a seat on the board so there is a direct advocacy link from our members to local government in relation to tourism.

Are the financial records available for review?2019-09-23T17:58:04+10:00

All financial records are available to members on request to the Treasurer or Secretary.

Can I view the charter and forward plans for TNYV?2019-09-23T16:51:17+10:00

All of our documents are updated regularly and are available for viewing and download on our Documents Page

What training can you provide?2019-09-23T21:04:13+10:00

Our annual conference is planned with you, our local tourism business in mind. We aim to help you grow your business through understanding of the tourism industry, keep you up to date with future trends and how to keep on top of the ever changing technology. Throughout the year we also provide links to local council workshops through our facebook pages and in our newsletters.

How can I join the committee?2019-09-23T21:04:19+10:00

Our committee are nominated and elected each year at our AGM in November. We have 4 Executive roles – President, Vice President, Treasurer & Secretary along with 6 general committee members. You are welcome to nominate for a position at the AGM.

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