Project Description


Ed McGettigan

My wife, June, and I were both born in the UK, but emigrated to Australia in 1987. We arrived in Healesville in April 2014, after 7 years in Western Australia and 19 years in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. June worked as a Midwife for 30+ years but has now retired. I was employed as a Chemical Engineer for 30+ years, but now only practice as a consultant on a casual (and occasional!) basis. We have 3 children, all in their 20s – two of whom live in inner Melbourne, the other lives near Ballarat.

Our business is Ingleby Cottage, which we operate as boutique self-contained accommodation. This is our first venture in the Hospitality industry and we have now been operating for 3 years. The cottage is an early 1900s two bedroom Victorian weatherboard cottage located close to Healesville Hospital. We operate the cottage on a single let basis i.e. the guest(s) book the whole cottage but have the option of using only one of the bedrooms at a reduced tariff. June carries the workload of material procurement and laundry services, while I manage bookings and property maintenance. We share the cleaning workload between us.

We are very happy with the way the business has been going, but still value the opportunities that TNYV provides for networking with our colleagues in the local industry: as relative “newbies” to the industry we are still on the learning curve. We have benefited from our membership of TNYV for the last 3 years and I would like the opportunity to contribute to the management and ongoing development of the organisation.